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Automatic Colony Counter

Low-cost model with the functions necessary for general colony counting.

All-round model not only for research and inspection but also fir various applications.

High-end model with a good balance of performance and cost. Ideal for counting small colonies.

The top-level model boasts a resolution of 35 microns. It can also be used for counting stained cells.



Individual revolution and rotation speed control system

Features common to standard models

  • Advanced model equipped with the individual revolution and rotation speed control system
  • Carry out mixing of various materials of low to high viscosity in a short time( tens of seconds to several minutes)
  • Optimum settings enables user to achieve continuous operation. (5 steps)
  • Revolution and rotation can be set individually, so various types of materials can be handled.
  • There are no propellers and it does not need to clean the machine. In addition, there is no loss of materials.